Opportunistic Leopard

On a recent game drive in Chobe National Park in Botswana we came across this opportunistic young leopard feeding on a dead elephant that died of natural causes. It was feeding on the tip of the trunk as this was a fresh carcass and not opened by other scavengers and it had to find soft parts to try and get an easy meal before the elephant would attract other interested and opportunistic animals like Hyena, Lion, Jackal and Vultures

Although they prefer killing rather than scavenging they are truly opportunistic in that they will not miss out on an easy meal. Besides scavenging on a fresh carcass I have often seen them stash a fresh kill up in a tree to return to later only to come across another easy hunt and will then kill again and often return to the second kill and never return to the first. This obviously frustrates the Hyenas as they can smell the rotting first carcass but cannot reach it up in the tree. 

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