Monteiro's Hornbill

This beautiful hornbill is confined to central and north-western Namibia and its range extends marginally into south-western Angola. It is occupies the driest habitats of all Hornbill’s worldwide and is found in the dry thornveld escarpment zone in western Namibia well known for other near endemics like Rockrunner, White-tailed Shrike, Damara Hornbill, Herero Chat and Hartlaub’s Spurfowl. It is easily identified by its large red bill and white-spotted wing coverts and its presence is often given away by its load deep hoarse clucking sound. 

They are monogamous and breed in a natural tree cavity or rock face and once the female is inside the cavity is sealed with a mixture of her faeces and other material supplied by the male. The male is then responsible for feeding the female while she is incubating and he often lines the cavity floor with crushed millipede carcasses which acts as a natural antibiotic to help with parasite control. 

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