Baby Elephant learns valuable lesson

The baby Elephant briefly left the breeding herd and approached a fully grown Cape Buffalo with ears flapping and head swaying from side to side. Adult male Cape Buffaloes, also known as “dagga boys”, are notorious for have extremely short and bad tempers. Most if not all safari guides will tell you that they are the most dangerous animals in the African bush to approach on foot.

When the baby got too close to the Buffalo it charged and hit the Elephant on the side, sending it flying a few meters through the air and tumbling on the ground.

Luckily for the baby Elephant the Buffalo didn’t go through with the attack as they normally “finish what they start” when charging and attacking and normally continue to gorge the target with their horns once off their feet and on the ground. 

The young Elephant got back its feet, dusted itself off and returned to the herd with only its pride shattered. Interesting enough the rest of the Elephant herd didn’t respond to the attack in defence of the baby as they would normally do perhaps knowing that it was not a deadly attack and that the baby had to be taught a lesson.

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