Red-throated Pipit at Avis Dam, Windhoek

The single Red-throated Pipit was discovered at Avis Dam, a few kilometers east of Windhoek, in December 2015 and have remained at the same spot ever since. Amazingly the spot preferred by the Pipit is along the sandy shoreline heavily frequented by both fisherman and people walking their dogs. On numerous occasions the birds was flushed by a dog just to fly over and land about 30m away to continue feeding. 

Red-throated Pipits are Palearctic breeding migrant to Southern Africa with all 5 previous records of this species found near a body of water. The breed on the Arctic Tundra and migrate southwards to East Africa (very seldom as far as Southern or even Central Africa) during the Northern Hemisphere winter. So this particular individual must have flown at least a thousand kilometers further than what they normally do. 

With the dam only a few minutes outside of Windhoek and less than 30min from the airport this individual have been attracting a lot of attention from both local birders and ones further afield with most from South Africa. Please let us know if you are in the Windhoek area over the course of the next few months and would like to add this species to your Namibian, Southern Africa or African lists. Avis Dam is normally the starting points of our Namibia Endemics Birding Safari or the focal birding area on our Windhoek Birding Day Trips

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