Windhoek Birding day trips and short Birding excursions

Day 1

If you are unable to embark on a long birding safari, even a day trip to the hotspots around Windhoek will yield some highly satisfying birding. A lot of the Namibian endemics and other specials can be found close to the capital. A possible 2 or 3 day extension to include the coast and escarpment will increase the diversity of birds you can find in a short space of time.

On the day trips out of Windhoek specials likely to be found include:

  • Rockrunner
  • Bradfield's Swift
  • Damara Hornbill
  • Monteiro's Hornbill
  • White-tailed Shrike
  • Cape Penduline-Tit
  • Orange River Francolin
  • Violet-eared and Black-faced Waxbill
  • Acacia Pied Barbet
  • Pririt Batis
  • Carp's Black Tit
  • Rosy-faced Lovebird
  • Chestnut Weaver
  • Burnt-necked Eremomela
Yellow Morph

In addition to the above, on the trips a little further afield the specials include:

  • Hartlaub's Spurfowl
  • Ruppel's Parrot
  • Herero Chat
  • Violet Woodhoopoe
  • Dune Lark
  • Gray's Lark
  • Ruppel's Korhaan
  • Damara Tern
  • Orange River White-eye
  • Trac-trac Chat
  • Stark's Lark
  • Augur Buzzard
  • Rare yellow morph of the Crimson-breasted Shrike

For more information and possibilities please contact us or refer to the birding destinations page on our website. We hope to meet you soon to go do some birding!

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